South Pacific Educational Courses (SPEC) embraces inclusion by ensuring all students are given the opportunity to achieve and be valued.
The SPEC programme embraces diversity, respects and responds to the different learning needs of all students and creates positive learning opportunities.
The programme provides a framework in which to develop the skills needed for vocational pathways life long learning Encouragement of practical application and real-life working situations ensure learning is meaningful and relevant and exciting, Involving students in all aspects of their learning provides starting point where students can build on their strengths, Students are encouraged to negotiate their own learning outcomes and style in which they prefer to work along with flexible time frames

SPEC Programme at SWAS

New Zealand Certificate in Foundation Skills Level 1
It has a competency focus.
It is a 60-credit qualification
The New Zealand Certificate in Skills for Living for supported learners.
Level 1 Qualification ( for supported learners)