Parents And Friends Of The School (PFOTS)

Here at SWAS we have a group called Parents and Friends of SWAS, this group holds fundraising events over the school year to fundraise for the students of SWAS for camps, sports trips and other events.
We are looking for new members to join our group and support our students/school. We meet once a month in the school library for a 40-minute meeting. We discuss finances, events and past events.
We would really appreciate it if you or a family member would join our group. It is good to have fresh ideas on fundraising and the more members we have the less work it is for everyone.
The money we raise during the year supports the students’ trips and out-of-school events. If we did not have this group, you as parents would be expected to pay more for events our children go on. We are a non-profit organisation so we rely on fundraising events to raise our money.
Please if you or someone you know is keen to give fresh ideas and help with events every now and then it would be much appreciated.
Any enquiries please contact:
President: Karyn Mathieson –
Treasurer – Heather Abel –